HAM-Centering is a technique that leads to healthy personal boundaries, being grounded and in a state of calmness. This state is the foundation for resolving many symptoms, ranging from inner restlessness through to exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed, right up to stress and anxiety.

HAM-Centering can help with the following problems:

  • overstimulation, unable to switch off
  • inner tension, restlessness, brooding, agitation
  • absent-mindedness and confusion
  • insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • family and work pressure
  • stress, feeling overwhelmed and burnout
  • emotional roller coaster, intrusive negative thoughts, feeling spaced out
  • various anxiety and panic disorders
  • depressive mood
  • insecurity and self-doubt
  • dependancies and addictions

Possible benefits of HAM-Centering:

  • stable groundedness, clear personal boundaries
  • gain distance from your feelings, thoughts and impressions
  • emotional clarity
  • feelings of calm and inner peace in the storms of life
  • body awareness and presence
  • inner strength and emotional stability
  • inner balance, satisfaction and serenity
  • view problems and emotions from a neutral perspective
  • loving self-awareness  and awareness for your own needs
  • ability to make clear decisions in line with your own needs
  • be present and at the same time encounter others with an open heart


ReSource is a technique with which you can get to know yourself and release blocked emotions by facing your issues in peace. It is a journey of discovering and integrating suppressed parts of yourself, so as to achieve a state of balance and come into your love and power.

ReSource can help solve the same types of problems as HAM-Centering can.

In addition, ReSource can help with the following problems:

  • being stuck in behavioural and emotional patterns
  • resistance against that, which is
  • being judgemental of others and of yourself
  • being stuck in wanting and having high expectations, as well as in thoughts about the past and the future
  • inner blockages, that prevent you from freely enjoying life

Possible benefits of ReSource:

  • neutral self-perception
  • acceptance, enjoyment, release
  • being in the moment and in your power
  • transformation of feelings and energy
  • inner release from value systems and the roles you identify with, overcoming the role of victim or persecutor
  • come to terms with traumatic experiences
  • identify and deal with your internal resonance to incidents occurring in your everyday life
  • manifest and integrate changes in your life
  • achieve your goals in line with your inner development