The ReConSat Techniques

ReConSat is a way of living, which includes facing life with inner balance, strength and contentment. An essential step is letting go of the mindset that you first have to get rid of your problems in order to be free and someday be able to live a happy life. As long as we believe that we have to get rid of something, we use considerably more energy trying to resist it, than if we would learn how to be comfortable despite the problem and at the same time work on resolving it. The ReConSat methods can help you to achieve a state of emotional stability and inner strength, from which you can approach your problems and release deep-seated response patterns.
Living ReConSat means knowing how to master difficult situations and how to grow in inner fulfillment. It means to lovingly be there for yourself and be your own master.

The ReConSat Techniques are tools for change and growth which can be easily applied to your daily life, as well as to help resolve recurring key issues.
The techniques Ham-Centering and ReSource are the fundamental pillars of ReConSat. They are new types of meditation, which enable you to release old imprints and wounds and empower you to independently find inner fulfillment.

   What is special about the ReConSat
   meditation techniques?

  • The meditation techniques have been designed to be like building blocks, so that you can select individual elements to provide you with the help you require, depending on your specific needs and issues.
  • The Ham-Centering Meditation is not only a good way to unwind, relax and tank up on new energy after a hard day. It can also be easily integrated into your everyday life, enabling you to call upon the positive effects of the meditation throughout your day.
  • The meditation includes elements from cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, which increases its effectiveness. This is unique to ReConSat.
  • Just as unique is the way in which different layers are focused and worked on (physical, emotional, energetic, cognitive and behavioural layers). In this way, the senses are sharpened to recognise the signals and needs on each of the layers. Bringing each layer back into alignment is based on the same principles for everybody. The meditation techniques show you which layer needs to be balanced and how to do it.
  • Key stimuli will be practised, to help you not be overwhelmed by stress and negative feelings during problems or emotionally unstable situations. The key stimuli help you quickly return to the acquired and internalised states of meditation.
  • The meditation ReSource is particularly suited for releasing blockages and letting go of old patterns.

  • The ReConSat techniques purposefully avoid the following:

  • No suggestive hints or affirmations are used, for example: “You feel strong, healthy and loved“, as this would distract you from your real feelings and thus hinder your self-awareness.
  • Visualising scenes, situations, people or colours are often used in different types of meditation in order to reach a specific state. This can cause you to subconsciously ignore reality and try to replace it with something which is not real. This leads to following your fantasies and desires, rather than facing your reality.
  • Music and sound can have a calming effect and are often used in meditation to aid relaxation. When problems and stress arise in real life, there is no music to be heard to help you unwind and relax. That is why it is advisable to practise meditating without music. That way you can be present and reach a state of calmness, without having to rely on external aids.