A retreat offers you a psychologically accompanied refuge from your daily life, allowing you to take a deep look at your personal issues and to work on resolving them. I offer individual support during these 4 intensive days, to help you get to the root of your issues. In addition, my assistants will attentively  accompany you throughout the retreat.

Many people have experienced help with various concerns and problems while on a retreat. These range from clarifying concrete issues, through to depression, burnout and fear, right up to overcoming emotionally draining situations at work or at home.

With my sensitive perception, I can help you clearly see the origin of your problems and other related issues in your particular life situation. You are then able to get straight to the point and choose your own path, so as to recognise and implement profound changes in your life.

The underlying approach is designed so that you can work independently with the ReConSat techniques and integrate what you have learnt from you new-found power into your everyday life.

Cost of the retreat: 1200 €