Apprenticeship Seminars

Even if you are not interested in working as a therapist, you can still take part in the Apprenticeship Seminars. Many participants use this intensive time to embark on their own spiritual journey into their power, consciousness and love, while experiencing life-changing processes. With continuous support throughout the Apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to recognise the underlying issues in your life and learn how to apply the ReConSat-Techniques on a deeper level. This self-competence, which you will develop, is an important requirement for those who wish to work therapeutically, in order to be able to support others in their spiritual development. When accompanying others through their processes, it is necessary to know which obstacles could arise and how these can be overcome with the help of the ReConSat-Techniques. Once you have completed this journey yourself, you will be able to competently and compassionately guide others. For this reason, the Apprenticeship Seminars are set up as follows: