In the seminars you will learn the fundamental ReConSat-Techniques, which will help you develop your inner resources, your awareness and your personality. You will discover previously untapped self-help capabilities and develop them so that you can use them whenever you need. Based on psychological principles, you will learn how to identify old patterns and imprints and how to gently resolve them, so as to reveal your true self. In addition, the seminars lay a foundation for your reliable sensitive awareness, for you to become your own insightful counsellor.

Seminar I – Ham-Centering und ReSource

In the first seminar, you will learn the basic techniques Ham-Centering and ReSource. These will help you to center yourself and come into your power, so as resolve deep-seated problems by releasing your inner potential and thereby lead a more fulfilled life. Both techniques are tools for self-help and self-realization and can easily be implemented in your everyday life.
You will also learn the basic ideas of the ReConSat philosophy about life. Topics and contexts, which are of fundamental importance for those searching for self-realisation and fulfillment, will be highlighted. This includes, for example, how a blockage is created and how your own value system is developed and upheld. The result is an exceptionally clear solution as to how such blockages and issues can be released and transformed. This solution will be found in the application of the Ham-Centering and ReSource techniques.

Seminar topics include:

  • learn the techniques Ham-Centering and ReSource
  • how to implement both of these techniques in your daily life
  • being grounded and recognising your own limitations
  • understanding of how blockages are created
  • reflection on your own value system, your roles and relationships
  • an improved understanding of your own life situation
  • self-help tips for sensitive people

Seminar II – True Feeling/True Vision

In this seminar you will learn how to train your awareness to be reliable, so as to apply it more and more in your life and for yourself.  Various exercises will help you learn to trust your awareness and develop your individual talents accordingly. You will learn and experience how you can find answers and solutions within yourself and be able to sense when a decision is harmonious for you.

One of the first steps in developing your awareness is to view and work on painful experiences from your childhood, which may have arisen due to your sensitive awareness. By gently releasing these feelings, you can bring healing acceptance of your own sensitive awareness. Through this acceptance, you can begin to perceive yourself, others and the world free from judgement, preconceived ideas and identification and thus experience the moment in its purest form and with all its subtle facets. It opens the door to a room within you, which you can explore playfully and with the curiosity of a child.

Seminar topics include:

  • learn about your individual potential for perceptive awareness and how to live it
  • open your awareness to a deeper truth
  • find answers and solutions to problems and decisions within yourself
  • perceive and explore what lies behind your feelings, responses and decisions
  • how to empathise, without being sucked into feelings and emotions
  • how to switch your inner awareness "on and off" and be in control of what you perceive
  • how to let go of identification, preconceived ideas and the feeling of  having to be good, as these all distort the truth within
  • develop stability and a sense of connectedness within your own groundedness and personal boundaries
  • be aware of your mental filters
  • distinguish between fantasy, perceiving through your mental filters and real True Feelings/True Vision
  • experience and learn to develop clarity of your awareness and how it can empower you

Seminar III – InSource

In this seminar, the self-help technique, ReSource, is further developed from being a healing encounter with yourself, into a healing encounter also with others. The first two InSource levels are taught, one of which is “Serving Others”. It is a fulfilling experience, as it appeals to one of our deepest needs. The recipient is given space and is seen and allowed to simply be, just as he is. The person serving perceives someone with their hearts and learns how to be there for someone, without falling into a helper role. This could be, for example, making yourself smaller or larger than you are or trying to give too much.
This InSource stage allows both people to experience their own power and unconditional acceptance. This leads gradually to a non-judgemental presence, as well as loving devotion to all aspects, which you carry within yourself or others within themselves. With the further InSource levels, blockages and issues can be transformed.

Other learning objectives are:

  • the first steps how to respect your personal boundaries, as well as those of others
  • advanced application of the Ham-Centering and ReSource techniques
  • practise divided attention: being centered and at the same time be aware of what else is going on within you or within others
  • to keep your personal issues separate
  • be able to clearly distinguish between which are your feelings and which are those of the client or other external impressions
  • perceive others at different layers
  • training your inner self-empowerment potential